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Indo-Pacific Mollusca

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Series of monographs of molluscan families, genera and sub-genera by various authors. Issued as a series of occasional papers
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Indo-Pacific Mollusca
edited by R. Tucker Abbott

No ISSN, published by Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA and later by the Delaware Museum of Natural History, Greenville, DE, from 1959 through 1976 as a series of occasional papers, loose-leaf bound in 3 specially printed loose-leaf binders, 1296 pages, 8 by 11 inches (about 19 by 28 cm.), illustrated with maps, charts, black and white photos and a few color photo plates

This is one of the few complete sets of this publication that we have had over the years. Volume 1 contains articles on Cypraea, Terebellum, Strombus, Lambis, Vasidae,Turrinae,  Pinnidae,  Tridacna, Hippopus as well as an introduction. Volume 2 contains Cassidae, Turriniculinae, Littorinidae. And the third volume contains articles on the Genus Drupa, the Gabrielona , the Patellidae and the Harpidae.  A few of these articles are available individually from the Delaware Museum of Natural History, but many of these papers are now out of print. Some of the nomenclature has changed since these papers were printed but most remain the same as they are in the present literature. This is a used set and some of the pages of the earliest publications are slightly yellowed. The binders are stained and show some considerable shelf wear at their edges. The index tabs on the spines have not been updated. But this is a chance to pick up this remarkable set at a very low price.

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