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Guidebook to Pecten Shells

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monograph on the recent Pectinidae & Propeamussidae (molluscan bivalves) of the world
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Guidebook to Pecten Shells

Recent Pectinidae and Propeamussidae of the World

by A. Rombouts

ISBN 0709048319, 1991 publication by Robert Hale, GreatBritain, hardcover with printed dustjacket, 157 pages, 7.25 by 10.25 inches

(18.25 by 26 cm.) 29 full page color photo plates for shell identification and several additional color photos.

The author of this book passed away in 1985 and the book in its' present form was assembled from his notes by his friends and colleagues at the Zoological Museum, of the University of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The family Pectinidae is covered by about 200 species and subspecies and about 100 species in the Propeamussiidae are discussed.The more common shells are illustrated. These specimens are in the Rombouts' collection in the Amsterdam Zoological Museum. The book contains an appendix listing the shells described after Rombouts’ death. This book is in excellent condition. And although it is a used book, it gives every appearance of being brand new.

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