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Guide to the Freshwater Molluscs of Cuba

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illustrated guide to identification of fresh water shells (phylum : mollusca) in Cuba
Part Number: Guide to the Freshwater Molluscs of Cuba
Availability: also see Freshwater mollusks of Venezuela and Freshwater Mollusks of theLesser Antilles

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Guide to the Freshwater Molluscs of Cuba

by Pontier, Yong & Gutierrez
2005, ConchBooks, Germany, 119 pages, cardboard covers, glued binding, 6.5 by 9.5 inches(16 by 24 cm.)

This is the first study of the small be very varied population of freshwater shells that are found in Cuba. In all the authors report on 41 species that can be found, 9 bivalves and 32 gastropods. The book is very nicely written and the illustrations of the shells and their habitats are outstanding Using this book is almost like going on a collecting trip to Cuba. There is also an excellent illustrated key for the identification of the shells. Even someone like me, who knows next to nothing about fresh water shells found this to be an interesting book.

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