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Freshwater Mussels of Alabama & the Mobile Basin

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Illustrated guide to freshwater mussles ( mollusca, unionidae) in Alabama
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Freshwater Mussels of Alabama
& the Mobile Basin in Georgia, Missisipi & Tennessee
by James D. Williams, Arthur E. Bogan , Jeffrey T. Garner

2008, Univ.of Alabama Press, laminated board covers, 908 pages, cover size about 8¾ by 11¾ inches (about 22.5 by 30 cm), each species fully illustrated with color photographs, and detailed drawings ans well as distribution maps also numerous text figures in color and black and white

Here is a very well written review of this book by Dr. Harry G. Lee. It is the review that I would have written had I the talent or the ability to express myself as well as Dr. Lee has. You can follow this link to the review http://www.jaxshells.org/atmb.pdf (right click and open in a new page). This monumental book is the result of more than 20 years of data collecting and assemblage. It is by far the most complete work ever printed that covers the dozens of species of freshwater mussels that are endemic to the Mobile Basin of Alabama extending into the surrounding states. This once economically very important part of the molluscan fauna of the USA is now severely threatened as the habitat of these shells is lost to development and fouled by pollution. The southeastern USA is the center of aquatic biodiversity and Alabama is located pretty much in the center of that region so it is fitting that this study takes this region for the center of this in comprehensive study. This book is an extraordinary effort to insure that it is a complete study of these shells. It is also a beautiful book and even those of us whose interest in the subject mater is limited can not help but be impressed by the beautiful photographs of these amazing complex mollusks. This book will not only increase your knowledge and understanding of these shells it is also apt to help you build up the muscles in your body since it weighs in at almost 10 pounds a copy. I also find it absolutely amazing that a book of this quality and this size can be produced at a startling low price. This is a used book that appears to have never been used. There is a small bump at the front corners of its back cover.

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