Eastern Australian Cymbiola & Revision of the Subgenus Cymbiola - the Pulchra Complex

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A study of these Australian Volutes which divides them into species, sub-species and non-standard scientific forms
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The Eastern Australian Cymbiola

New Revision of the Genus Cymbiolacca

By Patrice Bail & Allan Limpus

ISBN 9783939767671, published in 2015 as Visaya Supplement 6, by ConchBooks, Germany and Conchology Inc., Philippines, heavy paper stock covers, A4 size, 21 by 29.5cm (about 8.25 by 11.5 inches), 94 pages, illustrated with many full page colored photographic plates and with colored photos throughout the text

Shell collectors and especially those interested in the Volutidae will welcome this paper on the shells in the Genus Cymbiola and the Subgenus Cymbiolacca. The shells that are found in these classification groups in Australia seem to occur as isolated populations with shells within these populations that differ to a great or lessor degree in certain of their conchological aspects from those in other populations. This paper examines these shells and attempts to separate them into subspecies based largely on differences in pattern and/or their shape and their structure.  It would be interesting to see how these would hold up if DNA studies were conducted on them. In the meanwhile having these names for these morphic forms is a handy way of identifying shells from these populations.

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