Cowries of New South Wales

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very through study of the Cypraea found in this part of Australia
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Cowries of New South Wales
by David Tarrant

ISBN 978-0-646-94738-9, published in Jan.2016 by the author in NSW, Australia, laminated boards, about 14.5 by 21 cm., or 5½ by 8¼ inches, 154 pages, illustrated throughout the text with color photographs of shells and with very well written descriptive material 

This book came as somewhat of surprise since I knew nothing about it until I received a copy. It is an extremely well written book and it is one that every cowrie collector will want to add to their libraries. The author has done a thorough job in his research and his descriptions are well written. The photographs are a bit on the small size (about 2 by 3 cm.) but they are more than adequate for easy identification. They generally show dorsal and ventral views of the shells and quite often more than one specimen of each species is shown.  Among the shells covered in the book are two that I've not seen before in any other book on the Cypraea, Cribrarula gravida Moretzshon, 2002 and, Notocypraea dissecta Iredale,1931I very much like what the author has done to treat names that are in synonymy, giving full descriptions of these shells and the genesis of their being given synonym status. As well as shells collected from New South Wales also included in the book are some specimens collected off Lord Howe Island, about 700 km. of the NSW coast. It is also amazing that the book is able to be sold at such a low price. A hearty vote of thanks should be given to the David Tarrant for making this possible. Tarrant is a highly experienced field collector and he has worked closely with trained malacologists working  at the Australian National Museum and at the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales. Right now I only have two copies in stock, but more are on their way. I've listed them at a sale price and will continue to hold them on sale even after the new stock arrives. We want to promote this book, it is that good.

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