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Coquillages et Escargots de Guyane

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Marine and Terrestrial mollusks from French Guiana
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Coquillages et Escargots de Guyane
Seashells and Snails from French Guiana
by David Massemin, Dominique Lamy, Jean-Pierre Pontier, Oliver Gargominy

2009, Biotope Editions, France, heavy double thick glossy paper covers, 6¼ by 9¼ inches (about 16.5 by 24 cm), 455 pages, profusely  color illustrated through out the book.in French followed with English translation.

This is the first new look at shells of the lower Caribbean and it is a book that has long been in need of writing. While mainly concerned with those species that have been found in the Guiana the book stretches these boundaries since many of these shells are also found in the Southern part of the  Caribbean Island chain as well. The book contains illustrations and text information on  marine, terrestrial, arboreal and fresh water mollusks.  The photographs are in sharp detail and line drawings are used to illustrate differences between similar appearing shells.  It is major work, a superb book and we recommend it without hesitation. It is an easy book to use and is a clear reference guide to hundreds of molluscan species. There are three separate indices provided one for marine mollusks, one for the land shells and one for the fresh water shells. This is an extremely diversified area since it is the place where the waters of the Caribbean Sea merge with the waters of the tropical  Southern Atlantic.

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