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Coquillages de la Reunion et de l'ile Maurice

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guide to marine mollusks from Reunion and Mauritius
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Coquillages de la Reunion et de l'ile Maurice
by Jean Drivas & Maurice Jay

ISBN 2 603 00654 1,  ©1998 by Delachaux & Niestle, Lusanne, Switzerland, case binding (laminated boards), 12.5 by 18 cm (5 by 7.10 inches), 159 pages, include 58 page size color photographic plates of shell specimens and 14 additional page or half-page size color plates showing live molluscs and their habitat, and color maps of Mauritius and Reunion Islands.

This book is very difficult to find. In doing a price look-up to find a comparable price for this book I found no other copies available in the USA and 11 copies in Europe with prices beginning at $165.00 and topping out at $345.00. It is a very nicely done book but its' high price and limited availability have left it out of the reach of most collectors. The introductory chapters of the book are in French, the main part of the book, its' color plates are nicely done and are on the right-hand side of the book, they are keyed on the left-hand pages with the scientific name for the shell and without any other information. Many of the species shown are found in other parts of the Indian Ocean as well as in the Indo-Pacific and three are several rare species, endemic to these islands illustrated as well.

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