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Cone Shells
Very good used - classification & identification of cone shells worldwide
Nomenclature & Taxonomy in Living Conidae 1758-1998
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In Stock
Systematic Classification of Fossil and Recent Conoidean Gastropods
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important changes to cone classification - just one left
Cone Shells from Cape Verde Islands
Out of Stock
Cones de Nouvelle-Caledonie et du Vanuatu
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shows may species endemic to New Caledonia
The Cone Shells of Florida
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there are no plans for a new printing - this is our last copy
Conus of the Southeastern USA & Caribbean
comprehensive study of the often confusing cone shells from the Fl/Carib region
Life History and Biography - Patterns in Conus
sorry out of stock but we'll try for more - please leave your name on the want list for our next copy
Southeast Asian Conus
we'll try to get another copy, please leave your name on the waiting list or send us an email with your request
A Taxonomic Iconography of Living Conidae
both volumes show numerous illustrated examples of cone species, subspecies and varities riations