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Cone Shells
Very good used - classification & identification of cone shells worldwide
Nomenclature & Taxonomy in Living Conidae 1758-1998
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In Stock
Systematic Classification of Fossil and Recent Conoidean Gastropods
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important changes to cone classification - just one left
Cone Shells from Cape Verde Islands
Out of Stock
Cones de Nouvelle-Caledonie et du Vanuatu
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shows may species endemic to New Caledonia
The Cone Shells of Florida
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Sorry – we’re sold out – but please email us or leave your name on the waiting list and we'll get a copy for you as soon as we possibly can
Conus of the Southeastern USA & Caribbean
comprehensive study of the often confusing cone shells from the Fl/Carib region
Life History and Biography - Patterns in Conus
sorry out of stock but we'll try for more - please leave your name on the want list for our next copy
Southeast Asian Conus
a rare book - the first one we've had in a long time
A Taxonomic Iconography of Living Conidae
both volumes show numerous illustrated examples of cone species, subspecies and varities riations
Collection of Global Cone Snails
nice guide to worldwide cone shells - text is in Chinese