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Nomenclature & Taxonomy in Living Conidae 1758-1998
$79.95 $29.95 Sale
essential guide for Conus classification
Cone Shells
$79.95 $59.95 Sale
Very good used - classification & identification of cone shells worldwide
Conus of the Southeastern USA & Caribbean
comprehensive study of the often confusing cone shells from the Fl/Carib region
A Taxonomic Iconography of Living Conidae
both volumes show numerous illustrated examples of cone species, subspecies and varities riations
Collection of Global Cone Snails
nice guide to worldwide cone shells - text is in Chinese
Cone Shells of the Seychelles
first through survey of the cone shells found in the Seychelles
Cone Shells of Martinique and Guadeloupe
Excellent study of the cone shells from the French Caribbean, many of which are found in other localites in the Caribbeab abd in Florida