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Cone Shells

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Illustrated identification guide to worldwide species of mollusks in the family Conidae
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Availability: Very good used - classification & identification of cone shells worldwide

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Cone Shells

A Synopsis of the Living Conidae
by Jerry G. Walls

 undated prob. 1978, TFH Publications, hardbound, laminated cloth, no dust jacket, 1010 pages, illustrated with 4 to a page color photos showing about 700 specimens and also has many black and white photos in text, size is about 5½ by  8¾ inches, (14.5 by 22 cm)

Long out of print and always in demand this is the most comprehensive treatment of the family Conidae that we have available. There have been a lot of new species described since this book was published but it is still a great source book for basic information and identification for these shells. This is a used books and it is in  exttemely nice condition. The previous owner has added a clear plastic laminated wrapper to the book. The previous owner's name is written inside the front cover.

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