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Cone Shells of the Seychelles

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listed 3/21/2019
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Availability: first through survey of the cone shells found in the Seychelles

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Cone Shells of the Seychelles
by David Touitou

ISBN 9782956650812, published in 2019 by the author in France, paper covers with inner folded flaps, about 5.5 by 9.25 inches (14 by 21cm), 174 pages include 70 color plates and include 278 specimens with photos and detailed descriptions, this is the English edition and the book also has been published in French

It is a pleasure to see this book added to the new books on this family that have been published within the last few years. This book is the first complete study of the Conidae found in the mid-ocean Seychelles islands. The shells are well illustrated and included are many photographs of the living mollusks taken in their natural habitat. Excellent descriptive information is given to help distinguish the characteristics that can be used to identify the shell's species. The nomenclature primarily follows the two-volume set, "A Taxonomic Iconography of Living Conidae".  There is a very good introductory section in this book which illustrates some of the criteria used in cone shell identification. The relatively low price for this book these days will make it one that should be in the libraries of both cone collectors and collectors of all shells.  

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