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Conchas Marinhas de Portugal

Conchas Marinhas de Portugal

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Conchas Marinhas de Portugal
(Seashells of Portugal)

                                                by Maria Candida Consulado Macedo, Maria Isabel Consulado Macedo, Jose Pedro Borges

ISBN 972-22-1909-X, published by Verbo, Lisbon, Portugal, in 1999, hardcover in gold-stamped blue buckram with a printed dust jacket,
516 pages, oversized about 9.25 by 12.5 inches, 23.5 by 32 cm., bilingual in Portuguese and English, illustrated with color photographs
 on almost every page, also charts and tables

This is a book that is spectacular and amazing. It was printed 20 years ago as of this writing and yet, it is a book that I am seeing for the first time. It is a complete study of the mollusks found off the Eastern Atlantic coast of Portugal and covers the mollusks in all of the major classes. It also has a wonderful introductory section on this history of the study of these Portuguese shells and has a section on the use of shells in art and by man. All the illustrations are clear and very well reproduced, The book is printed on very heavy stock and it looks as if no expense was spared in the publication of this book. The book is bilingual and the text sections that begin the book are very well translated. Each of the molluscan entries has a capsule description with information about the distribution, characteristics, and size of the specimen in Portuguese, but the terms are very familiar to anyone already versed in the study of shells. Each of the descriptions also contains a thumbnail map of the location of the species and a graph of the depth, and often the bottom conditions where the species is found. This is a used copy but it is almost indistinguishable from a new book. There is minor rubbing at the top edge of the spine and the book does have a very slight musty "old book" odor I would hate to think of what the price of this book would be if it were to be produced today.