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Compendium of Seashells - Third Printing

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Very popular guide to more than 4000 species of marine mollusks
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Compendium of Seashells
by R.Tucker Abbott & S. Peter Dance

ISBN 0-915826-17-8, published in 1986 by American Malacologists, Melbourne, FL,, hardcover with green cloth covered boards and green printed dust jacket dust jacket, page size is about 8¼ by 10¾ inches (about 21 by 27.5 cm) 411 pages with color photos of more than 4200 species of marine mollusks usually 12 photos per page. 

This is one of the most amazing  and best selling and most widely referred to  shell books of all time. It was a phenomenal reference guide throughout the many years that it remained in print. For many collectors it was the standard reference work and the first book to consult for a shell identification. While the book has now been surpassed in scope and coverage by the 2008 "Encyclopedia of Marine Gastropods" this book is still extremely  popular and very useful reference guide. This book is still very much  in demand. These are used copies but it is in extremely good condition.  They show some very slight wear on the edges of the dust jacket and one copy has a cut in the dust jacket near the spine that has been repaired with tape. Otherwise they can otherwise pass almost as new books.The revisions made in this editions are the final ones ever made to the book even though the book appeared in many new printings by American Malacologists and a later several printings by Odyssey Publishing later in time.

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