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Compendium of Bivalves - Volume #2

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the conclusion of this study from Volume 1 with coverage of 7 families of bivalved molluscs not previously covered
Part Number: Compendium of Bivalves - Volume #2
Availability: completes of the survey of this class of mollusks
Feature: sharply detailed colored photos
Feature: thorough discussion of the shells and the families

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Compendium of Bivalves 2

A full color guide to the Remaining Families

By Markus Huber

ISBN 9783939767633, published in 2015 by ConchBooks, German, hardcover laminated boards, A4 size, 20.51 by 30cm (about 8.25 by 11.5 inches), 907 pages, illustrated with more than 325 full page colored photographic plates

Those of you that already have owned and used Dr. Huber’s first volume will need go any further and just simply order this book now. This book is an equally amazing work and is every bit as well done and as useful as a first source for reference to the mollusks in the class Bivalvia. This book contains complete studies of the seven families that were not coved in the first volume as well as update and correction to that book. In total now the two books contain more than 8500 recognized as species of bivalves in the recent fauna found in 94 families. Equally of importance is a listing of over 10,500 names in synonymy in this class. As was done in the first volume this book is issued with additional information to the text contained on a CD. These books belong on the shelf of every molluscan research institution and on the shelf of collectors who want accurate information about this large class of mollusks.

These books are quite expensive but for the amount of effort and time (35 years of research) they are worth every cent of their cost and more. For those of you that do not have the first volume we are going to offer the two books as a set for a limited time at a special price. See our listing for the Compendium of Bivalves Set and order now.

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