Classification & Nomenclator of Gastropod Families

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very valuable guide to gastropod taxonomy
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Classification & Nomenclator of Gastropod Families
By Philippe Bouchet & Jean-Pierre Rocroi

2005, Malacologia, Intl. Journal of Malacology (vol.47 [1-2]) dist, ConchBooks, laminated paper covers, perfect binding (glued), 397 pages

This work is a very important resource for molluscan taxonomists which gives account of the more than 2400 names proposed for recent and fossil shells at a level higher than the Generic level. The book lists each of these names and gives its' taxonomic status according to the ICZN regulations as well as reference data t o those names. This surely is not a book that will have appeal to the casual collector but to advanced amateurs and to scientific workers in the field of molluscan taxonomics this publication is one that has long been needed. It also is an attempt to bridge the Cladistic approach to nomenclature with the more traditional Hierarchical to the subject. In all this work recognizes 409 gastropod families in the recent fauna and another 202 families know exclusively from their fossil records.

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