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Classic Natural History Prints - Shells

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Selected large size colored illustrations from shell books from 1742 - 1915
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Classic Natural History Prints - SHELLS
by S. Peter Dance & David Heppell

ISBN 1851703926,  published in 1991 by Studio Editions, Ltd., London, UK, hardcover in dark green cloth with gold stamped spine and with printed dust-jacket, 128 pages, folio size,  254 by 356 cm.,  about 10 by 14.25 inches, printed on heavy paper stock

This book is nothing short of spectacular. It contains 60 page sized faithful color reproductions of plates taken from shell books, some by authors that we are familiar with and others that are obscure. Facing each plate is a description written by S. P. Dance about the plate, the book that it is from, the artist and sometimes even the print maker.  There is also an introduction by Dance which gives a great over-view of the books' contents and how the process by which these plates evolved over time. This book can serve well as a beautiful coffee-table book but is equally an important work to have in a good shell library. This book is part of a series for which Dance served as the adviser.  This is a very lightly used copy of the book  showing some shelf-wear along the edges of the jacket  and some very shallow bumps on a few of the corners. There is a label on the spine which was placed there by the previous owner of this book apparently to indicate in which part of his library this book was to be placed.

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