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Cerithiopsidae and Newtoniellidae from New Caledonia, Western Pacific

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Survey of 171 species of these molluscs including 76 that are newly described
Part Number: Visaya supplement 7 : Cerithiopsidae and Newtoniellidae
Availability: Very thorough study of these small marine molluscs from the Western Pacific

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Cerithiopsidae and Newtoniellidae (Gastropoda: Triphoridae, Gray) from New Caledonia, Western Pacific
by Alberto Cecalupo & Ivan Perugia

ISBN 978-3-939767-75-6, published in 2016, by Conchology, Inc as Visaya Supplement 7, an occasional publication, paper covers, A4 size, about 20.5 by 29.5 cm., 8 by 11.75 inches,  175 pages including 59 page sized color photographic plates with shell remarks and descriptions with color photos in the text.

The study is of the marine gastropods in the Cerithiopsidae and Newtoniellidae collected from expeditions to New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands. In all 171 species were found among which 76 are newly described as well as an additional 3 species that are figured but not named. Most of the shells are small in these groups and the size ranges from about 14mm. to less than 2mm. in length. While these shells are not the kind of shells that are of interest to most shell collectors, the authors of this study have done a remarkable job in making their research available for scientific workers to study.The small size of the shells poses no obstacle to the very precise and very clear photographs that are found in this journal. The authors have given special attention to the protoconchs  of these shells as a key in their separation into species. As for general shell collectors, this can serve as a study that will open your eyes to the structural beauty and diversity found in even the smallest of molluscan shells.

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