Catalogue of the Living Bivalvia: Of the Continental Coast of the Sea Of Japan

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major study of the Bivalves from Eastern Japan
Part Number:Catalogue of the Living Bivalvia: Of the Continental Coast of the Sea Of Japan
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Catalogue of the Living Bivalvia
from the Continental Coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea)
by K.A. Lutaenko & R.G. Noseworthy

ISBN978-5-8044-1261-7, published in 2012 by Dalnauka, Russia, hardcover in laminated boards with sewn binding, about 17 by 24 cm (6½ by 9½ inches), 248 pages  includes 166 pages of text and descriptions which include 53 figures mainly drawings, also 67 full page photographic color plates with a keyed explanation of the plates between each five plates.

The title and subtitle of this book will give you a pretty good idea of what you will find inside this book. It covers the Bivalved marine mollusks that are found off the coast along the Sea of Japan or as it as known in Korea, the East Sea. This is a large and diverse group of shells which consists according to the author of 367 species and subspecies found in 57 different families. You will find 192 of these shells photographed and 49 species shown in drawings on the plates and in the text of this book. This is the first compilation of these shells although these shells can be found in part in  other books that cover the shells of this area. Certainly this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date work on these shells we have available to us. This is a book that will probably have a very limited appeal to general collectors but which will be an invaluable tool for research workers and those interested in the shells found in this region. I hope that this book will eventually be followed by a similar work on the Gastropods. 

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