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Caribbean Sea Slugs

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very well illustrated guide to the shell-less mollusks of the Caribbean
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Caribbean Sea Slugs
A field guide to the opisthobranch mollusks of the tropical northwestern Atlantic
by A. Valdes, J. Hamann, D.W. Behrens, A. DuPont

2006, Sea Challengers, Gig Harbor, Washington, laminated paper covers, perfect binding, 288 pages, size 6 by 9 inches (15 by 23 cm) color photos throughout also SEM photos.

This is a beautiful book and it gives us a chance to see these exquisite (mostly shell-less) members of the Mollusca. Apart from the excellent photography which serves as a quick identification guide to the approximately 310 species found in this book there is excellent description of these animals. There is also a very well written introduction that will help you to better understand this often exotically colored and shaped molluscs. All of the specimens in this book are shown in their natural habitat and help us to understand just how well they are able to blend into their habitat. Many of these beautiful creatures are tiny, well under an inch in size and the largest of them may reach a size of about 8 inches. The photographs "freeze them in motion" and actually give us a much better chance to examine them than would be possible if we were in the water with them. The extreme close ups and SEM photographs show us some details of these creatures that are impossible to see with out eyes. Any one planning a dive trip to the Caribbean would be well advised to take this book along with them and use it as a field guide. The rest of us will be able to simply use this book to increase our knowledge about these animals and to marvel once more at the truly wonderful creatures that nature has created.  This book is going to be hard to find in the future. It is no longer in print and I believe that the publisher has gone out of business.

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