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Seashells of Southern Florida
the most comprehensive guide to bivalves of Florida Keys and adjacent areas
The Family Pectinidae
Guidebook to Pecten Shells
sorry...we are sold out. If you'd like to have the next copy please leave your name on our waiting list
Bivalves of Australia
makes and excellent companion to Wilson's "Australian Seashells" also see volume 2 for a continuation of the bivalve study by Lamprell
Spondylus -  Spiny Oysters of the World
sorry sold out now- we'll try to get additional copies so please leave your name on our waiting list for the next one
Philippine Marine Mollusks Volume 4
new material and some revisions of first 3 volumes -special pricing when you buy all 4 books at one time
Bivalve Seashells of Western North America
now back in stock ! Excellent coverage of Bivalves from this area
Encyclopedia of Bivalves
Companion to Encyclopedia of Gastropods covers Bivalves and some coverage of other classes
Bivalve Seashells of Tropical West America
we hope to have this book again, please let us know if you'd like a copy
Compendium of Bivalves -  Volume #2
completes of the survey of this class of mollusks
Bivalves of Australia Volume 2
please leave your name on our waiting list for notification about the next copy we get
Marine Bivalve Molluscs - 2nd Edition
New Condition. - A complete biological study of the Bivalve molluscs
Giant Clams
Identification and mariculture of the Tridacnids