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Beyond Extinction

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A look at the history of life and the oceans and prospects for the future
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Beyond Extinction
The Eternal Ocean
Climate change & the continuity of life
by Wolfgang Grulke

ISBN 9781916039407, published in 2019 by At One Communications, UK, case bound hardcover, about 11.5 by10.25 inches (29.5 by 25.5), 224 pages, beautifully designed and illustrated throughout by color and black and white photographs, maps, drawings, charts, and more as well as a separate timeline chart of the history of the earth

While the headlines in our newspapers and on our television sets burst with news about the effects of climate change, and while our political leaders continue to dither about and either support or oppose the scientific evidence that our climate is getting warmer, this is a book that all of us must read.  Wolfgang Grulke has made this his third book in a series about life on our planet. The earlier books on the Ammonites and the Nautilus have been highly praised, and this book steps away from the molluscan focus of the first two books to encompass the oceans and the life that they have supported throughout the earth's history.  I find this book to be an experience similar to the feelings I had many years ago when I read Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring". But there is a significant and sobering fact that I've taken away from this book; that in spite of what we do or don't do life and the oceans will continue to exist long after our species has made its final exit from this earth.

A limited, collector's edition of this book in a custom made slipcase and with a special bookplate signed and numbered  by the author will available toward the end of June, 2019, the price will be $119.95. Please send us an email  at [email protected] if you would like to reserve a copy of this special edition which will be limited to 100 copies.