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Bahamian Seashells - 1161 Species from Abaco, Bahamas

Bahamian Seashells - 1161 Species from Abaco, Bahamas

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an amazing book many feel is among best shell books writen onthis area
Bahamian Seashells
1161 Species from Abaco, Bahamas
by Colin Redfern

2013, published by Bahamian Seashells, Inc, Florida, USA ,ISBN 978-0-9711066-1-1 hard covers with stitched binding, 501 pages, page size is 8.25 by 12 inches (about 21 by 27.5cm) all species are illustrated, most in full color with the exception of the micro shells which are in black and white., 

This is the eagerly awaited expansion and revision of Colin Redfren's earlier work, "Bahamian Seashells - A Thousand Species from Abaco, Bahamas" which was published in 2001. This new book integrates the figures and text from the earlier book and adds more than 3600 new color photos as well as 170 new SEM photos and has expanded the size of the book from 280 to 501 pages.  In addition the new book is hard covered and has a stitched binding that will withstand the heavy use that this book will surely get.  This is not just a local guide to the shells found off one small island in the Bahamas. Many of these species can be found as far to the north as Bermuda and as far to the south as Brazil. and many are also found in the Gulf of Mexico. This book is an essential work for everyone interested in collecting and studying these shells and will have special appeal to Florida shell collectors who will find many of the same shells off their beaches. As in his first book Colin has done a remarkable job in gathering, classifying and presenting these shells to us. Many of these shells are microscopic in size and you will find these shells illustrated in no other book. As well as being a fantastic book, it is updated frequently on the website

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