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Antiguan Shallow-Water Seashells

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A study and identification guide to 963 species of marine molluscs found in shallow-water off th eIsland of Antigua
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Availability: fabulous book - includes many small shells not figured elsewhere - a must have for Caribbean shell collectors

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Antiguan Shallow-water Seashells
 By Deng Yan Zhang 

 2011, MdM Publishing, Wellington, FL, hardcover stitched case binding, about 20.5 by 29 cm (about 8¼ by 11½ inches), 210 pages include 94 full color page sized photographic plates, maps, site locality photos.

We, as the publishers of this book, are extremely proud of having played a  small part in seeing this book evolve from an idea into what is certainly one of the best books ever written on the marine shells of the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean Sea. The book contains information on 963 species in 452 genera and 154 families found by the author over a period of 18 years. Many of these shells are the first photographed specimens of their kind to be found in any book. The author of this work is a remarkable individual who overcame a great many challenges and an unmatched ability  for learning  to make this book possible. His story and the story of this book are briefly noted in our foreword but do not do justice to the burning need to know that compelled "Deane" to write this book and to share what he has learned with you.
Here is a quick review from Dr. Harry Lee:
"Short version: the book is a masterpiece, a special tribute to a phenomenal self-taught, gifted dynamo, and it is absolutely a necessity for the bookshelf of every serious student of the tropical western Atlantic marine malacofauna. The price from the publisher, $99.95, is a bit steep, but, aside from the excellent science, the shopper must factor the 2860 color images into the decision tree."

Corrections, amendments and additional information about this book updated May 26, 2013

These are the corrigenda, homogenized, consolidated, and vetted by me. Credit is due Susan Hewitt, David Kirsh, Harry Lee, Colin Redfern, Tom Watters, and mostly Den Yan Zhang:

Page/Sp. No./Changed or corrections              
1/Modiolus americanus Leach, 1815
3/13 Genus Botula moved to Subfamily Modiolinae.
3/64 and 65 Spondylus tenuis Schreibers, 1793; see < http://www.jaxshells.org/1205aa.htm>
23/114 Laevicardium mortoni (Conrad, 1830) = 1831
25/126 Eurytellina alternata alternata (Say, 1822) 
41/197 Juliacorbula blandiana (C. B. Adams, 1852)
43/206 Nototeredo knaxi = knoxi
55/45 Common name = Riise’s arene
59, 85/70, 211 Juvenile shells of Tegula lividomaculata #62.
65/101Turritella acropora = variegata (Linnaeus, 1758) Variegate auger
71/139 Barleeia tincta Guppy, 1895
73/151 Rissoina canbcellina = cancellina
75/156 Rissoina labrosa Schwartz, 1860
81/187 Caecum circumvolutum Folin, 1868 
81/188 Caecum antillarum Carpenter, 1857 = 1858
105/322 Cerithiopsis io Dall & Bartsch, 1911
113/ 371 Vitreolina colini Espinosa & Ortea, 2005 = 2006
115/381(1-2) Dermomurex alabastrum (A. Adams, 1864)
117/384 Risomurex roseus (Reeve, 1846)
117/388 Subfamily Ocenebrinae; change heading to Ergalataxinae
119/399 change genus name to Ameranna Landau and Vermeij, 2012
119/399 Ameranna milleri (Usticke, 1959)
119/400 Parviphos adelus = chalcedonius Watters, 2009
119/403 Genus Colubraria moved to Family Colubrariidae
127/440 Genus Teralatirus moved to Subfamily Peristerniinae
127/441 Polygona angulatus = angulata
127/442 Polygona brevicaudata (Reeve, 1847)
131/455 Family Melongenidae moved to Superfamily Buccinoidea
135/482 Olivella floralia (Duclos, 1853) = 1844
135/485 The common name “Olsson’s dwarf olive” moved to #486.
139/504 Delete one of overlapping generic name: Vexillum
143/527 Strictispira sp.
145/540 Crassispira menoi = mennoi
149/562 Agathotoma sp. = Agathotoma kirshi Rolán, Fernández-Garcés, & Redfern, 2012
151/566 Doubt item.
153/580 Pyrgocythara cinctellum = P. cinctella
155/596 Delete: Superfamily VALVATOIDEA
157/602 Longchaeus suturalis (H. C. Lea, 1843)
159/607 Eulimastoma canaliculatum (C. B. Adams, 1850)
159/611 Odostomella fonteini De Jong & Coomans, 1988
161/620 Add Subfamily and Genus names.
161/621 Common name: Abrupt turbonilla = Elegant turbonilla
161/625 One-tread turbonilla = One-thread turbonilla
165/638, 639 the specimens possibly need to be transposed
165/641 Delete Order & Superfamily, move this item to 167p under Superfamily ACTEONOIDEA
165/643 Blauneria hetroclita = heteroclita
167/648 Eastern melampus = Coffee melampus
167/649 Melampus monile = monilis
167/651 Tralia ovula = Egg melampus
169/665 Southern spindle-bubble = spindle-bubble
173/680 Family Placobranchoidae = Placobranchidae or Plakobranchidae [not yet settled]
173/682passim: cf. inserted into binomina should not be italicized.

Also, please note that 20 species of gastropods shown in the book are NOT actually from the island of Antigua
26: St Kitts & Nevis
42: Dominica
49: St. Lucia
76: Grenada
77: St. Kitts
83: Guyana
99: St. Kitts
101: St Kitts
130: Guyana
136: Barbuda
379: Unknown
454: St. Lucia
455: Trinidad
459: Guyana
494: Grenada
515: St. Kitts
517: St. Kitts
522: St. Lucia
525: Barbuda
544. Grenada

and some essential addenda to the bibliography in support of the above emendations:

Landau B. and G.J. Vermeij, 2012. The genera Engina and Ameranna nov. gen. (Mollusca: Gastropoda, Buccinoidea, Buccinidae, Pisaniinae) from the Western Atlantic Neogene. Cainozoic Research 9(1): 121-133.
Rolán, E. and R. Fernández-Garcés, 2010. New information on the Caribbean Rissoina (Gastropoda, Rissoidae) of the group R. sagraiana-cancellata, with the description of a new species. Iberus 28(1): 79-89.Rolán, E., R. Fernández-Garcés, and C. Redfern, 2012. New records and description of four new species of the genus Agathotoma (Gastropoda, Mangeliidae) in the Caribbean.Novapex 13(2): 45-62.
Watters, G.T. 2009. A revision of the western Atlantic Ocean genera  AnnaAntillophosBailyaCaduciferMonostiolum, andParviphos, with description of a new genus, Dianthiphos, and notes on Engina and Hesperisternia     (Gastropoda: Buccinidae: Pisaniinae) and Cumia (Colubrariidae). The Nautilus 123: 225-275.

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