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Visaya Volume 4 #1

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journal containing articles and descriptions of new molluscan species
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Visaya  Vol 4  issue #1

Feb. 2013, Conchology, Inc, A4 size (8 by 11½ inches)about 20 by 29 cm, paper covers,  101 pages

Table of Contents:

Description of a new species of Licina by G.Thomas Watters

Kioconus ruthae A new species from the South Western Philippines by E. Monnier & L.Limpalaër

Cylinder tagaroae A Valid name for a long time known species from the Philippines by E. Monnier

Revision of the Genus Volutaconus by P. Bail & A. Limpus

A new species of Margistrombus with some comments to the Genus by V. Liverani

Darioconus laueri New species from the Eastern Persian Gulf

A new species of Contradusta from the Philippines by G.T. Poppe, S.P. Tagaro & K. Groh

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