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1 Neritidae of the World - Volume 2
2 Beautiful Cowries - Issue #8
3 Encyclopedia of Bivalves
4 Freshwater Mollusks of the Lesser Antilles
5 Monograph of the Little Slit Shells: Comprehensive study of Marine Mollusks in the familes Scissurellidae,Anatomidae,Larocheidae, Depressizonidae,Sutilizionidae, & Temnocinclidae
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         Completes the best study ever done on these shells
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Heteromorph - the Rarest Fossil Ammonites  - Special Collector's Edition
Heteromorph - the Rarest Fossil Ammonites - Special Collector's Edition
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On sale: $190.00 On Sale
Nudibranchs Encyclopedia  2nd Edition
Nudibranchs Encyclopedia 2nd Edition
Your Price: $39.95

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